Organizations, we're looking for Journaling Partcipants

We are looking for 30 people to participate in a journaling activity

Journaling is a simple way to help us learn a lot about vulnerable older adults/caregivers and their experiences. It is also an activity that they can do when and where they want to.

What we’re asking for

We are looking for 30 vulnerable older adults and their caregivers to participate in a journaling activity. Organizations, we need your help to find participants!

We will send participants a journal with some questions in it. Over a two-week period in November-December, 2016, they write their answers to the questions in the journal, or you/someone else helps them do that. They can answer what ever questions are comfortable with from the journal. Then, they send the journal back to us.

Looking for more detailed information? Download an overview document:

Know someone who is interested? Register them online

If you know someone who is interested in being a journaling participant, you can register them online. Fill out a brief online survey to tell us a bit about the participant so that we can make sure journaling is a good fit. Registration will close on December 2, 2016.

While we only have capacity for 30 people to participate in the journaling activity, we will use other methods to engage with anyone who is interested. This might mean filling out a different type of tool, having a conversation with us or joining us to design solutions.  

Our Ask of You as Organizations

If you help someone register to participate in journaling, we are also asking that you can be a support person for their journaling experience. This means you agree to be a point of contact for them if they have any questions. We have designed the journaling experience to be self-guided, but we always like giving them a contact they know just in case.

Have some questions? Contact us!

If you have any questions or concerns about Aging By Design, please contact Aaron Krolikowski, Project Lead at (716) 579-0922.