Prototyping Kit

Prototyping Kit.jpg

The Aging By Design Toolkit comes with a kit of standard materials that can be used to build simple models (i.e. prototypes) of your ideas. Prototypes should be something a person can interact with, ask questions about, and give feedback on.

Models, sketches, storyboards, and walk-throughs are common prototypes developed with the ABD Toolkit.

The Protoyping Kit should include:

  • Moldable Clay

  • Pipe Cleaners

  • Scotch Tape

  • Colorful Straws

  • Scissors

  • Foam Stickers

  • Dot Stickers

  • Googly Eyes

  • Popsicle Sticks

  • Ribbon

  • Glue Stick

  • Construction Paper

  • Sharpie Markers

  • Dry Erase Markers

  • Sticky Pads / Post-It Notes

  • Index Cards

These supplies are commonly available at your local office supply store or via an online retailer.

If you want to print additional needs, services and scenario cards on sturdier-than-average paper, use a cover stock or card stock.